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Innovative ideas require someone to take hold of them and run. Working together, we will give lift to the discoveries that will transform the future of energy.

Thinking Beyond the Current

Look around. In your home, in your school, in your favorite part of town. Almost everything we see in our world is powered and connected—providing transportation, data, illumination, education, entertainment, and safety.

Kyte Works is working on what you can't see—the energy that gives life to all of our connected touchpoints. We are creating solutions to make them smarter, more efficient, and cleaner. Technology and energy have come so far already, but we know that through inspired innovation, the sky is the limit.

We're Just Getting Started

We love solving problems, especially when they lead to great innovations. So, we launched KyteWorks with the first of many such innovations to come. A new EV Charging solution.

Charging at home simplified

You are thinking ahead. You are considering, or have already bought an electric vehicle. Kyte Works has been thinking ahead as well, and have created a vehicle charging solution that works seamlessly for you. That’s pretty smart. Just like you.

EV Car Charger

Be a part of what comes next

The future is coming. And with it, Kyte Works will be bringing innovative ways to improve the energy needs in your life. We are commuters, homeowners, parents, and students. Just like you. We want to hear your voice and work directly with you to help shape new ideas to help make all of our lives better. We want to introduce new products and work on prototypes, and we want you to be part of it. Join us, and be one of the first.

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